Microsoft Dynamics Human Resource Management Software (HRMS & Payroll Software).

Dynamics Stream, Dubai is partnered with Microsoft for delivering ERP and CRM based software to modern businesses. Microsoft’s Dynamics range of software is widely used to manage your company’s full process from entry time to direct deposit.
Microsoft Dynamics HRMS/ HCM/ HRM software combines all functionalities of payroll. The software comes with the other services offered by Microsoft like Azure, SharePoint, Skype and Office 365 to enhance the HR efficiency and functionality of your business.

Is Payroll a pain? Are you entering the same information over and over again? Come and see what a fully integrated Microsoft can do for you. Dynamics Streams’ HR and Payroll module consider local legislation and unique requirements in the GCC market. It provides rich functionality for robust and localized payroll and HR processing. Are you ready to solve your specific core HR and payroll needs?

Human Resource Management Software Best HR & Payroll Software Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE & Middle East.

It gets easier to work when you get things at the easy touch point. On the other hand, it takes a lot of efforts and time to accumulate data and then start working on it. Access to reliable human resource management software smoothen the swing and helps to maintain transparency between the organization and the employees. Round the clock availability helps you to save the time and the rectification can be done instantly.

Core & Advanced HR

Allow your HR team to convey both value-based and transformational value to your business. Dynamics Stream offers you a built-in pre-configured process across the entire employee lifecycle-from hire to retire. The result you get is that better process control, improved efficiency and a platform for the team to work with the business. 

  • Organization Management
  • Recruitment cycle
  • Absence Management
  • Competency
  • Employee development
  • Course Admin
  • Performance Management
  • Talent management
  • Succession planning
  • Budgeting forecasting


Payroll systems are a vital part of the HR system. The HR system allows an organization to keep an association with employee data and integrate with payroll data. This helps in making changes in pay, scheduling and keeping track of employee hours. Our payroll software has plenty of features for automation capabilities, but the best vendors of payroll ERP offers the following features and capabilities-

  • Payroll Processing
  • Expense management
  • Query management
  • Loans and advances
  • Managed payroll services
  • Employee benefits accruals
    Dynamics Stream HR and Payroll features 

Dynamics Stream offers HRMS software packed with complete HR related task. It comes with integrated modules for all around HR management software for any SME. Furthermore, you get to reap the benefit in the cloud that cut costs, ensure accuracy and provide transparency.

  • Collaborative hiring process with attracting & hire features.
  • Centralized 360-degree view of employee data
  • Create unique and personalized onboarding experiences that accelerate productivity
  • Nurture and grow talent to maximize the potential of every employee
  • Monitor the performance of every employee.
  • Processing of payroll for different periods, based on the class of employee.
  • Taking care of employee’s leaves, loans, attendance, gratuity, etc.
  • Provide convenient, online access with Employee Portal.
  • Simplify compliance with payroll regulations and laws.