After implementation of new ERP, it takes time for team to get habitual with the system. ERP training is essential to the smooth functioning of your business irrespective of industry. Dynamics Stream consultation service delivers quality training for Microsoft Dynamics ERP range. Dynamics stream offers in-house ERP training tailored to your specific requirements. We conduct specialized training courses during and after the implementation. The trainings are as follows.

      1. Train end users:-

End-user training is the most important step of an ERP implementation process. Fully understanding the system also enables your employees to use it and input data much more accurately.

      2. Microsoft certifications:-

Get certified and show the world that you’re ready to take fullest advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

      3. Train the trainer:-

We provide initial training to person who, in turn, trains other people at the organization."

We have well educated consultants who provide all kinds of training to ensure the smooth transition of the Business process.