Be Smart and Use Cloud

For small-sized companies, cloud can be a very important differentiator as anyone can initiate a start-up business and get it up and running on an IT infrastructure of an enterprise level. It accommodates growth with a very minimal up-front capital expenditure.

Cloud can help you focus on your running business rather that your IT when it comes to small to medium-sized businesses with limited IT resources. You can have a very cost-effective plan with expand on demand as your business grows. Cloud can help your company to deliver even faster in time to the market compared to the previous achievements.

For mid to large enterprises could can be a very essential differentiator in terms of scalability and high availability. The large organisations can have very complex hosting needs, high level websites and heavy applications, changing departments and corporate-wide infrastructure requirements. Could can make their life’s easy by offering them a drive down costs while delivering increased operational productivity, efficiency and flexibility. 

Advantages of Microsoft Cloud:

  • Minimize your costs: Save huge cost on hardware and their upgrades. Cloud can improve your cost efficiency by matching more closely your cost pattern to your demand/revenue pattern, shifting your organisation from a capital-intensive cost model to an Opex model.
  • Survive with demand: you can forecast the need of your hardware you will be needing. As your business grows, the cloud environment will grow with you. If you need to test a new application or if the demand is unpredictable, cloud has the capability to spin up or down, while paying for only what you use.
  • Don’t worry about your IT and Run your business: when you have a business to run, monitoring your hardware and infrastructure becomes very time consuming, difficult and expensive.
  • Lead and innovate: if you want to have an Ever-changing business you require a flexible infrastructure. In cloud infrastructure, you can rapidly deploy your projects and quickly take them live.
  • Future-proof your business: Be mobile and access your data on any device, anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to let your business lack behind. By implementing Microsoft cloud solution, you can manage your BYOD, mobiles and wearable technology trends.

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