The business analytics tool- Power BI gives you powerful insights throughout your organization. The dashboard of Power BI gives you a bird’s eye view of various metrics. These metrics are updated in real time, and are accessible on all devices.

The interactive visualization offers self service business intelligence capabilities. Using this end user can create reports & dashboard by themselves without depending on IT staff. The unrelated data is turned into interactive insights with Power BI.

Components of Power BI

Power Query:- Can be used for searching, access, and transform public and internal data sources.

Power Pivot:- Used in data modeling in memory analytics.

Power View:- Analyze, Visualize and display data as an interactive data visualization tool.

Power Map:- Bring data to life with interactive geographical visualization.

Power BI Service:- Connect to data sources and bring data to life with live dashboards & reports.

Power BI Q&A:- Ask questions and get immediate answers with natural language query.

Data Management Gateway:- Connects on-premise data for hybrid data access, move data efficiency, expose tables and views as OData feed to external consumers.

Data Catalog:- Metadata for facilitated search functionality. User can easily discover and reuse queries.