Top 5 artificial intelligence application that will transform your ERP & CRM

How cool it is if Jarvis from Ironman and the star trek technologies overtake the daily work process? Have you ever wondered!

Well, this is not a distant dream for many. We human beings have carried the computing power to the moon. Over the years, we’ve developed in technological space and have successfully implemented it in our daily lives. Take an example where you searched about the product on Amazon or the Netflix films suggestion you get after visiting the site. This is because the algorithms working behind the scene examines what you watched and match related product which pops up when you browse any website.

Now the question arises in the use of AI for Business. Today everyone is aware of the AI assistant like Siri of Apple, Alexa of Amazon, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Voice. All these are applications of AI-powered and bring the potential to simplify daily operations and gives contextual guidance to complex tasks. Though, its application in the business world is limited.

Take an example where AI is used in the sales process. This does not make the software using AI for sales a complete selling machine. We know the power of AI in our day-to-day life. The use of AI in sales classifies what a good deal looks like and also predicts solutions based on customer success.

  1. AI empowers you to find out whether it’s a good deal or not
  2. Check out the past deals and make a new one
  3. Figuring out productive prospect leads

Owning to all three reasons, AI in sales does not take away the role of sales executive in a company; rather it empowers them to work better focusing on more important work.

How Microsoft AI is used in every aspect?

Microsoft AI is empowering transformation in our lives, industries, and society in ways that may be difficult to imagine today. Bringing AI to every application, business process, and every employee, Microsoft aims to redefine the business process.

To sum up, AI has good possibilities that can solve society’s biggest challenges. After all, the future we aspire to make depends on the choices we make today!