Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Van Sales

Wholesale Distribution needs real-time information on the delivery schedule, stock required by the retail customers in order to stay profitable. As the number of delivery, fleet and drivers increases; distributors need automated and integrated applications to efficiently manage the operation.

Dynamics 365 for Van Sales provide features to optimize your operation

A cross-platform Mobile Application

Compatible for iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices

Multiple distribution models

Van sales cab be used for a variety of mobile sales and delivery settings and operations such as Pre-sales, Van-sales, Direct Sales, Direct Store Delivery, Home and Office Delivery, Payment collection activities and more.

Native to Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution

The solution is natively integrated with Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics 365 Business Central & Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Complete Off-line Mode

Sales can run in a complete off-line mode in places where internet connectivity is weak. The synchronization technology allows the mobile app to store and consume business data locally on the device which automatically syncs back to ERP after connectivity is restored.

Invoice Registration

Sales personnel can register invoices directly from the mobile devices and calculate order totals based on the customer agreed prices, discounts, and promotions.

Cash, Money Transfer, Cheque Payment Collection

A salesperson will be able to see due to invoices on the mobile device and can register payment collections via cheques, wire transfers or cash. The collected payments are then automatically sent to the ERP and settled.

Complete Customer Information

The sales team can see customer number, title, address, credit balance and credit limits as well as open invoices and last orders.

Invoice Printing

Employees may print invoices or payment receipts from their mobile device via Bluetooth printer from the field. The invoice can also be sent to the customer through emails.

End-of-day Daily Reporting

Drivers can run end-of-the-day reports anytime and see current progress in real-time. The EOD reports contains complete data about daily sales, cash-in-hand, inventory levels and other relevant information, which can be used for reconciliation on a daily basis.

Inventory Visibility & Tracking

Drivers can check the inventory loaded in the truck by items, lots (batches), serials. Inventory levels are updated on each sale in real-time.

Sales Route Management

Supervisors conveniently plan sales routes for each weekday and sales team by providing lists of customers to be visited in a specific order. The salesmen from the team select their individual planned routes and may follow them accordingly. Supervisors may analyze the visits based on planned routes and see any variance while the team is in the field.

Geo-location Enabled

All transactions are integrated with GPS coordinates and rendered on the maps, allowing supervisors in the back-office to track the fleet in real-time. Various heat map reports are easily available that show the places in the world, where most of the business takes place in terms of money and activities.