Dynamics 365 for Precast Concrete Industry

If you have decided to migrate to Dynamics 365 from the aging system, Dynamics Stream provides expertise in such services, and as a partner of Microsoft, we further develop and adapt these technologies especially for the precast concrete industry.

Dynamics 365 for Process Manufacturing

From product design to product planning, costing to batch manufacturing, process manufacturing provides end to end capabilities for the efficient and quality controlled production. With Dynamics 365 for process manufacturing, you gain full end to end traceability with embedded quality that provides complete visibility into plant operations.

Dynamics 365 ERP solution for Poultry & Meat Industry

Check out Dynamics 365 functionalities and see how Dynamics Stream enables meat and poultry companies to improve yields and cut costs. For more information on Dynamics Stream solutions for the Meat & Poultry industry read further

Get High Performance and Value with Dynamics 365 for Fabrication

Dynamics 365comes with On-Cloud and On-Premise deployment model based on customers requirement. Discover all the benefits of Dynamics 365 for Fabrication and get advice on how you can benefit from the minds of your business peers.