What the benefits of integrating ERP software with Office 365?

Recently the technology industry has gone through many developments, especially where artificial intelligence, augmented reality is used in the business domain. Now raises the question of whether Office 365 can be integrated with ERP? 

Get the Most Out of Microsoft Dynamics GP

The latest edition of Dynamics GP 2018 contains all new features and enhancement to run your business more effectively. The latest updates to the software will take your business to the next level in whatever department it needs most.

Latest news on use of IoT in Enterprise business softwares

Not so long ago, Internet of things meant anything to most people and now they are unable to escape the buzz surrounding Internet of Things. To simply put Internet of Things extends internet connectivity

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition vs Business Edition

Many a time we come across clients who often ask us the question. Well, there is no clear answer but to be specific, it broadly depends upon the size of your organization and the functionality your organization requires