Improve productivity in Manufacturing sector with IoT enabled devices

Industrial IoT transforms the way industries work and has the ability to create autonomous self-healing machines. The interconnectivity among services reduces human labor and provides faster time to market. It is only time will tell whether businesses are ready for this giant leap. 

Top 5 artificial intelligence application that will transform your ERP & CRM

Microsoft AI is empowering transformation in our lives, industries, and society in ways that may be difficult to imagine today. Bringing AI to every application, business process, and every employee, Microsoft aims to redefine the business process. 

Benefits of integrating ERP & CRM software in eCommerce website

Integrating your eCommerce store with an ERP will reap you benefit with its efficient feature list. Some of the requests we see for integration of eCommerce with ERP are right here-

Industry insight of enterprise resource planning software

Enterprise resource planning software and customer relationship management software are the two backbone of every business today. Gone are the days, when a common CRM & ERP software were used across every vertical of business.